Guerilla Art Shows

Artist Information for the Guerrilla Shows

A few points:

1.   This is an invitational show, meaning exhibiting artists receive an individual invitation from the Secret Committee relayed via email or by the Gallery.  The invitation is for a specific show only.
2.   The committee selects artists for participation based on several factors including the media, quality of work, and "fit" with the guerrilla format or a particular show.   While it is a subjective process, the committee does try to be inclusive so please do be patient.   Note that every show will have a mix of professionals, semi-professionals, and students, as well a wide range of media.  Some participants may be invited back to the following show and so on.
3.  The quantity of work that can be shown by an invited artist will be specifically stated in the invitation email.   Note that number of works that can be displayed will l vary from artist to artist based on the committee's vision for a particular show.
4.  Things the committee notices and considers for inviting artists back:
Good:  excellent presentation, visual impact of work, following the guidelines/instructions.
 Bad:  not following instructions/guidelines, poor presentation of work, pricing not in accordance with the guidelines/instructions.  

5.   To be considered, submit your CV and link to your work via email to the gallery who will then pass it on the committee (
6.   If you haven't heard from the committee in a while, check back in to let us know you are still interested in participating.

The Guerrilla Committee

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  1. The imagery you are using to promote the Guerilla art shows is insensitive and offensive. I don’t think you are meaning to portray what the image references, but you might consider how it might be read to others.