Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Photographer Anton Orlov visited SG1311 yesterday in his Photo Palace Bus!

Yesterday I was fortunate to have a visit from Anton Orlov while he was traveling across the country as part of his "Photo Palace Bus Tour" project.  You can read more about this project here.  In sum, Anton is traveling across the country and making photographs utilizing the tintype process, a process which was invented and thrived in the late 19th century.   The making of tintypes requires considerable skill, patience, and of course a dark room to develop the plates.  In order to do this process, Anton has designed built a mobile dark room in an old school bus which is fascinating to see in person.   I can't do his project justice here, you'll have to check out his website which includes examples of his work.   While he was at SG1311, I was fortunate to have a tintype made of the gallery.  Note that in the tintype process, the image is reversed.  

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